Gervonta Davis reveals Mayweather’s corner advice to win the fight with Barrios

Gervonta Davis reveals Mayweather's corner advice to win the fight with Barrios

Gervonta davis, who beat Mario Barrios, a bigger and stronger opponent on his 140-pound debut, said he achieved this thanks to the advice of his promoter, Floyd Mayweather.

And is that Money informed him that it was down on the unofficial cards of Steve Farhood from Showtime, in the battle that took place in the State Farm Arena.

“I was definitely nervous all night because I didn’t know if it would hurt him if I plugged him in,” he said. Gervonta about the difference in sizes with Neighborhoods in the post-fight interview. “Or if I went online, would it hurt me? He was eight ounces (in the gloves) and I was moving up two weight classes. My team, my coach and Floyd (Mayweather) They told me to push it. But I wasn’t so sure about pressing him, I didn’t want him to connect. So that’s why I was cautious the whole fight. “

It was at that moment, when Mayweather went to the corner of Gervonta davis to give him an instruction that would change everything in the fight with Neighborhoods, as recognized by the same fighter.

“I think it was like the eighth or the ninth (round), that Floyd He came up to me and said, ‘You’re going down on the cards.’ He told me it was below the unofficial scorecards. So, he told me to push and show him that I’m cool. “

Davis had a comfortable three-card lead going into the eleventh round (97-91, 96-92, 96-92), but was wary of the power of Neighborhoods until he ended up with the resident of San antonio.

The three-division champion later explained why he remained cautious against an opponent who possessed a five-inch height advantage and outweighed him in the ring.

Gervonta explains why he was so cautious in the first part of the fight with Mario Barrios placeholder image.

“Basically, I was trying to figure it out and see what it did well,” he explains. Davis. “That’s what I was doing, trying to figure it out. I didn’t want to rush in and end up connected because I didn’t know what he was bringing to the table. So basically, I didn’t knock him out faster because of me. If I had known it was soft, I would have knocked it out. “

Gervonta Davis, the new Floyd Mayweather

The former boxer, Floyd Mayweather, pointed out long ago that the call ‘Tank’You want to follow in their footsteps, but you must go little by little.

“He wants to be like me, he aspires to be champion in different divisions. Gervonta he wants to be the best, he believes in his abilities and his talent. I always tell my boys to believe in them and to believe in me, because I can help them achieve anything, “he said.

“He is capable of doing things the way I did. The boy has already fought in different places and has always filled the pavilions. He’s on the right track, ”he explained.

Gervonta follows Mayweather's advice.

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