“I don’t remember anything”: Mario Cázares speaks after the knockout suffered against Morrell


Mario Cázares spoke after the knockout he suffered before David morrell, and said that he does not remember absolutely anything of what happened.

Sorry for the harshness of the coup de grace, Cázares He was grateful to his people for the immeasurable support received during the difficult situation.

“Thank you for all the support you always have, brother,” declared the Mexican to Fine Boxing. “From the second rabbit hit, I don’t remember anything. They say I kept fighting, but I don’t even remember ”.

Cázares suffered a heavy knockout against Morrell, which seems to have shocked him. The Mexican fighter insists that he does not remember anything.

“I don’t even know how I got to the locker room up there. I don’t remember anything, ”the Culiacan-born repeated tirelessly. “It was our turn, too bad. How many fighters, like Prichard ColumbusThat happened to them ”.

Cázares He assures that it was an illegal hit that put him wrong, and that there was partiality on the part of the referee.

“When justice is not done, they continue to do it. I hit him with a hook that touched his belt, a little bit and the referee claimed me, totally on his side, protecting him from everything, “he said.

Cázares reportedly fainted in the locker room after the fight

As reported Ryan O’Hara in your official account Twitter, Mario Cázares he fainted in his locker room. This scared everyone around him, and sped up the admission process for a review at the hospital.

Mario Cazares passed out in the locker room following his first-round knockout loss to David morrell tonight. He is currently hospitalized, but he is awake and alert waiting for the results of the tests, ”he tweeted. O’Hara.

Cázares received a strong knockout of Morrell, which neither Morrell expected

The Cuban guy David morrell He assured that he did not expect to beat the Mexican so quickly Mario Cázares, in which it was his first defense of the regular super middleweight belt of the AMB.

“I didn’t expect to end up with him (Cázares) so quickly, ”he confessed Morrell in an interview after the fight. “I thought we would make it to the fifth or sixth round. But since I saw him entering the ring I realized that he was not up to me. I was not prepared for a fight like that.

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