“There is no favorite”: Andre Ward predicts possible rematch between Teofimo and Lomachenko

Teófimo López y Vasyl Lomachenko

Andre Ward, former world champion of super middleweight and light heavyweight, stated that if the rematch between Teofimo Lopez Y Vasyl Lomachenko there is no favorite.

“(Theophimus) is the boss, so he has to confirm what his dad says, but if he confirms it, he tells you that is what he wants, “he said. Ward to Fight Hype. “Later Knoll has a performance like that (against Nakatani), so there is demand for a rematch ”.

The Ukrainian returned after his contest against Theophimus, which was his second loss as a professional.

However, before Masayoshi Nakatani He put up a flawless fight by dominating him throughout the fight and knocking him out in the ninth round.

“No, there is no favorite,” he replied about the possible rematch between the two fighters. “Normally, under normal circumstances, you would give the advantage to Lopez, but Knoll as it turned out tonight, I think it’s a 50-50 fight. “

In the evening of Top rank who headed Lomachenko, the dad of Teofimo Lopez was present and both parties opened the door to a rematch.

Andre Ward believes that the performance of Lomachenko puts more pressure on Theophimus so that it has a similar performance against Kambosos.

“It puts more pressure on Lopez, because not only does he have to win, but he has to put on a great display against Kambosos so that Knoll did today, “he said Ward.

“He responded to critics”

Vasyl Lomachenko argued that prior to his fight against Teofimo Lopez He suffered a shoulder injury that impaired his performance. Days after falling before Theophimus, underwent surgery.

Now with his return to Makatani and the performance he had in making the Japanese miss blows and demonstrate his power, Andre Ward he considered that he silenced all his critics.

“Yes, I think he answered those who doubted him,” he said. “Great fighters are coming out right now. Less talk, more action, I love watching it and I know what I’m looking at. This is how a great fighter answers questions that people have asked. “

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