They sue Manny Pacquiao; fight with Spence in danger


Manny pacquiao was sued for alleged breach of contract, thus endangering the realization of his duel with Errol spence.

Paradigm Sports Management filed a millionaire lawsuit against Pacquiao, in Orange County Civil Court. The allegation indicates faults in the performance of a contract.

As reported ESPN, Judd Burstein, attorney for the plaintiff company, said his client is seeking damages from Pacquiao.

The company claims that it already had a $ 25 million settlement with Pacquiao to fight on May 15 against Mikey Garcia in Dubai. Yet it was the same Pacquiao who knocked down the negotiation.

Pacquiao I knew very well that Paradigm He had the exclusive rights to schedule his next two immediate fights, ”he wrote. Burstein in the complaint. “However, in bad faith and in breach of the contract between both parties, Pacquiao, from the information we have, he surreptitiously entered into a contract to fight against Spence“.

The amount required as payment and compensation could reach eight figures. Paradigm claimed he had exclusive rights to negotiate the next two fights of the Pacman, but that the fighter has been negotiating fights behind the back of the company, and on his own account. This, according to Paradigm, is a violation of the exclusive contract it claims to have with the Filipino.

“It is extraordinary to me that someone can receive $ 3.3 million from my client and then forget why they gave him that money,” commented the PhD. “We are (looking) at the significant millions of dollars. Certainly high seven or eight, no doubt. “

Apparently, the next presentation of the Filipino before Spence, was negotiated behind the back of the representation company.

Manny Pacquiao’s response to the lawsuit

Before the judicial claim received, Manny pacquiao issued a statement to explain his truth about the situation he has to go through.

“Demand for Paradigm Sports against me it has no merit. I have an absolute right under the agreement with Paradigm to participate in the next fight with Errol spence“, public Pacquiao on Sunday. “If this frivolous lawsuit continues, it will prove me right in court.”

Dale kinsella, lawyer of the Pacman, issued a statement Saturday night. Right there, he disqualified the lawsuit received. He downplayed it, and explained his reasons.

“Yes Manny pacquiao I would have known that Paradigm Sports he did not intend to fulfill his contractual obligations, he would never have entered into any relationship with them, “he said. Kinsella

. “Should this matter proceed beyond Friday’s presentation in a court of law, the Mr pacquiao will vigorously defend this action. You will assert your own claims against Paradigm Sports, and will also seek to recover his attorney’s fees ”.

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