“You can’t be great and not have a comeback like that,” Tim Bradley celebrates Lomachenko’s comeback

"You can't be great and not have a comeback like that," Tim Bradley celebrates Lomachenko's comeback

The commentator and former world champion, Tim Bradley, gave his evaluation on the performance of Vasiliy Lomachenko and his victory against Masayoshi Nakatani and discussed how a rematch against Teofimo Lopez.

“I’ve been saying it, man, (Lomachenko) is a legend, “he explained Bradley in interview for Fight Hub. “Yeah, I predicted the knockout because you can’t do what this guy does, you can’t be great at what you do and not come back with a vengeance like that. You cannot come back from a loss with suffering and not improve. This is a guy who is willing to take risks from the beginning of his career… he’s a type of fighters who have a different mindset. This guy is special, he really is. “

Bradley valued the details of what the Ukrainian showed against Nakatani.

“Made Nakatani look like an average fighter, “he explained. Bradley. “I know the size and power of the punches and all that stuff, yeah, you must be worried about that, but his footwork, (Knoll) knew how to get in and out, the IQ was too much. That’s why I said I would knock him out. “

The same way, Bradley praised the great boxing class he showed Lomachenko and that now the revenge against Teofimo Lopez.

“The great performance of Lomachenko, was the Lomachenko classic ”, he emphasized Bradley. “I loved it, I think the fight of (Theophimus) Lopez it got a little more interesting. I don’t know if you saw it, but Knoll started faster. He usually takes his time, and I expected him to take his time against a puncher like Nakatani, but he did not. He took the necessary risks. He said they weren’t going to knock him out, that he was going to stand right in front of him, that he was going to move, outside position, that front foot step, it was beautiful tonight. In all my years in boxing, nobody does it better. “

What would happen in a rematch between Lomachenko and Teofimo?

In an express question about whether Lomachenko would perform as he did against the Japanese in a hypothetical rematch against Lopez, Tim gave his opinion.

“Let’s put it this way: he faced a one-fist fighter tonight,” he analyzed. Bradley. “So (Knoll) was able to move and stand at that angle. I couldn’t do that against Lopez. Theophimus he’s smart, he knows where he should be. I think that Knoll I would increase the intensity, I think I would start earlier and try to put Lopez on his back foot and he would have to make some smart decisions. “

However, Bradley suggests that against Theophimus it would be a very different fight than against Nakatani.

Lopez has two fists of power, “he added Bradley. “Then a couple of things can happen. OR Knoll You may be successful in entering, but you will have to take those risks. And if he is caught with a strong blow of Lopez, either with a left hook or with the right hand, it will be a problem (for Knoll) “.

Bradley He did not venture to tell the winner of this supposed rematch, since the current champion is a great boxer in every way.

“I don’t know who would win the rematch right now,” he said. Bradley. “It was a great performance by Lomachenko, showed all his skills tonight, but Lopez

it is not an easy challenge. It is not an easy challenge, he has beaten it once (a Knoll), you can do it again. Yes Lomachenko makes the necessary adjustments to start stronger as he did today, it would probably be the first time you’ve ever had me with a 50/50 forecast. I really do not know”.

Lomachenko goes for Teofimo and wants revenge.

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