Change of plans: Francis Ngannou will not fight Derrick Lewis and there will be an interim title

Francis Ngannou.

When everything was planned for the rematch between Francis Ngannou Y Derrick Lewis, things have changed. Dana White decided not to hold that fight at the UFC, so now there will be an interim title in the company. Of course, all this had an impact on social networks, getting thousands of criticisms from fans. There is no doubt that this category is the one that is generating the most controversy.

The president failed to convince Jon Jones to fight for the title with Ngannou, but not for want of desire. Everything is based on the economic, considering that “Bonny” asked for 10 million for that super fight, the one that all lovers of Mixed Martial Arts want to see. Anyway, for the moment, that won’t happen and it continues to bother the fans.

War is anticipated: the sparring between Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane that broke the networks

The interim title

In these hours, it was confirmed that the stellar of the UFC 265 will be the cross between Derrick Lewis Y Ciryl Gane, for the interim Heavyweight title. In that way, the winner would go for the crown that the Cameroonian has. That’s what’s bothering Francis, who clearly wants to be active and defend his belt as soon as possible. He said it a long time ago and he holds it, he is not a lazy fighter and seeks activity.

Derrick Lewis he had everything set up for his revenge against Ngannou, which would be precisely by the belt of the most complex division of UFC. But, without ending up being liked by fans and followers, Dana White decided not to carry it out now. Sure, this one wasn’t going to sell as much as expected. In that sense, the interim title will be held, trying to get more expectation.

Ciryl Gane He arrives undefeated with a 9-0 that scares the division, all the more knowing that he is one of the fastest and most complete fighters in the Heavyweight. His ability and talent make it clear that he can be a potential champion, which is why many already see him as a rival of Ngannou in a hypothetical contest for the belt. Now, we will have to wait a few months to know if that happens.

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