De La Hoya laughs that Julio César Chávez sees Canelo as his successor

Conozco a Chávez; no quiso decir eso: De la Hoya no cree que Chávez vea en Canelo a su sucesor

Oscar de la hoya he laughs and does not believe that Julio Cesar Chavez have been serious when considering in their farewell fight on June 19, to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez as the best Mexican fighter of today and probably in history.

“I know Julio Cesar Chavez. I know you didn’t mean that, ”he said. From the pot between laughs in interview for Fine Boxing. “I know Chavez, is my compadre ”.

From the pot he laughed when talking about the subject of Canelo, because you think Chavez he did not speak sincerely. He added that, for now, he does not see any Mexican fighter who lives up to what he achieved. Julius Caesar.

“I think that in terms of passing the torch, that Mexican fighter hasn’t been born yet,” he said. From the pot. “Those of Chavez they are very big shoes to fill ”.

For this reason, he does not believe that Chavez have been serious.

“I dont believe it. Know to Chavez“, He said Oscar. “And honestly, I know you didn’t mean that.

The passing of the torch from Chávez to Canelo

At the end of the exhibition fight that Julio Cesar Chavez held with Hector Camacho Jr in Guadalajara, Canelo stepped into the ring and had an emotional moment with Chavez, where the great champion dedicated a few words to him. Those words were interpreted as a courier pass to the highest figure of current Mexican boxing.

“Thanks to CaneloHere you have the best Mexican fighter today and possibly the best in history, the comparisons are not good, “he said. Chavez. “Canelo he has everything he has based on effort, perseverance and discipline, with all the respect you deserve, you are a fierce bastard ”.

Canelo thanked the words of Chavez.

“I have always said that you are going to be the best.”

What’s more, Julio Cesar Chavez He also dedicated to Canelo a post on their social networks.

“I say goodbye to the ring, my temple, my life, my happiness. Yesterday, I gave them the best that I could give them, Thanks to YOU ​​who made me be THE GREAT MEXICAN CHAMPION “, he posted Chávez. “But we have Canelo who is today the best pound for pound, represents us as MEXICO in the world of boxing ”.

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