Dominican Republic with titanic challenge against Serbia in Olympic basketball qualifier

Dominican Republic with titanic challenge against Serbia in Olympic basketball qualifier

The Dominican Basketball Team will have to face Serbia, a country located in fifth place in the FIBA ​​ranking, during the first match of the Olympic qualifier to be played in Belgrade

In order to Dominican Republic it was time to face one of his most colossal and titanic challenges in search of a pass to Olympic Games within the discipline of basketball. In a pre-Olympic in which few games will be played and where the country comes out as the least favored group with respect to its two rivals, the Dominicans will have to play two of the best matches in their history within the sport in order to advance in the tournament.

The first of these matches will be against the country number five within the ranking of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), Serbia. The Dominicans did a good job in qualifying for the tournament in search of an Olympic spot and in the process, their selection was able to place within the best twenty in the world (17th place).

The Dominicans enter the tournament with a physical disadvantage compared to their Serbian counterparts, size. The Dominican team is the smallest in its window, where the average height hovers around six feet five inches. However, they can play solid defense for significant periods of time, especially because of the youth that make up the group, where the average age is 27.

During the pre-tournament fires, Dominican Republic fell defeated before Lithuania, by an overwhelming score of 95 against 62, however, he was able to get an unexpected victory against the set of Russia, 83 points vs 73.

On their side, the Serbs are the big favorites to take the Group A, counting on experienced players in NBA, European and domestic leagues. Has not been below third place in competitions FIBA from the Eurobasket 2013.

They slightly exceed the Dominicans in overall height at six feet seven inches, which could be important in the rebounding battle during the game, while the average age of the national team is 29 years.

In his most recent friendly blanket he dispatched the Mexican Basketball Team by a score of 81 over 77 in a highly contested match.

The Dominican Republic Basketball Team He will face his greatest pre-Olympic challenge on the very first day of the tournament and his advancement in the qualifying tournament could depend on that.

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