England vs. Germany – Party Report – June 29, 2021

England vs.  Germany - Party Report - June 29, 2021

(EFE) .- The passion of England made up for their football shortcomings and led the team to clearly win by two goals to zero against a Germany that never showed the verve or faith necessary to respond to the energy of the hosts.

The England-Germany leave indelible marks on the subconscious of the countries. For Brexit England, the match against the Germans was little less than a matter of state. At Wembley, too.

The last time the two teams had met at a European Championship was 25 years ago. The now English coach, Gareth Southgate, then missed the decisive shot on penalties.

Southgate and England had their revenge. The Germans, with a more polished and technical game, could never overcome the more than 40,000 throats that turned the duel into a high-voltage event, practically pre-pandemic.

And that the first ten minutes showed a Germany plugged in, wanting to live in the opposite field and Kroos and Goretzka slicing every attempt by England to leave with the ball played.

The talented Havertz was hiding behind the backs of the English midfielders and every time he caught the ball head-on it sent chills in the Wembley stands.

Thus, thanks to the pressure in the center of the field, the first opportunity came in the boots of Goretzka, who at times seemed to be all over the field.

Despite everything, both teams attacked with blank bullets. Prepared for a long battle, in view of the number of extensions that have been disputed in these round of 16 and perhaps remembering the last match in Eurocopa of both, back in 1996, with victory for the Germans on penalties, England and Germany reserved forces.

A powerful shot by Sterling from afar, which Neuer smugly deflected, brought the English out of their slumber. On the back of the unruly Saka, who was already the best of his team in the last game against the Czech Republic, the English hit on his right wing.

For there, the athletic Trippier was superior to the German Gosens, until now one of the revelations of the tournament.

With more drive than game, and dragged by their tireless fans, England took command and threatened especially in centers from the flanks, who never connected with an unfortunate Kane as during the entire championship.

After half an hour, with the game very balanced, it was Germany’s turn to have their big chance: Havertz once again, from the midpoint, launched his Chelsea teammate Timo Werner deep. But here, as at his club this season, the small German striker was not able to hole up either.

Faced with a Germany that appeared somewhat hypotensive, the English allowed themselves to be infected by the atmosphere of Wembley and the excitement of the public. Pickford or Maguire fussed over their teammates and the stands to keep their teammates hyperactive.

Tied at zero at halftime, the locker room comeback began in a similar way to the first half, with Germany dominating the position, but having trouble hurting the central overtones of the “Three Lions”.

Havertz, the most inspired of the Teutonic attack, tried with a good volley from inside the area after a rebound, but Pickford managed to deflect with the tips of his fingers.

In the absence of opportunities, the directors of the broadcast resorted to old tricks to warm the spirits of the respectable. Cameras to David Beckham, who sporting a smile on the giant screens at Wembley provoked ovations and the occasional boo. It never fails.

In the middle of the trifle, England showed in the 75th minute why they have been among the favorites from the beginning. A ball well pivoted by Kane on the edge of the area fell at the feet of the recently entered Grealish, who seemed called to contribute the magic that the game was missing.

The Aston Villa midfielder opened very well at the entrance by Shaw’s wing, and the death pass turned it into a goal, who else, Sterling, the only Englishman who had seen the door in the entire European Championship (three goals with this ).

Germany then wanted to react, punished for its passivity in the game, and immediately had a good foul on the edge of the area for a tackle on Kimmich.

But his big break came soon after. A fantastic pass from Havertz for Müller’s career seemed the inevitable draw. The Bayern Munich striker, who if something has done in his career is to score goals, sent his shot away, only against the goalkeeper.

England pardoned, Grealish appeared again to enable from within the area, in a play similar to that of the first goal, a Kane who was finally making his Euro Cup debut. The “Three Lions” thus sentenced their pass to the quarterfinals, where the winner of the Denmark-Czech Republic awaits.

Sad goodbye on the German bench for coach Joachim Löw, already answered by a large part of the German fans after he led them to successes such as the 2014 World Cup.

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