Exploded: Francis Ngannou’s agent fired at UFC for latest decision

Francis Ngannou

UFC decided not to carry out the fight between Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis, which blew up the whole thing. Therefore, the agent of the Cameroonian champion, Marquel martin, fired at the company directors for the last minute changes that occurred. Without a doubt, this bomb gave everyone talk, considering that the Heavyweight leader will have to be inactive for a while.

Starting with his words, in an Instagram statement, Martin She stated, “For the record, I am NOT trying to do this about myself, but as any man or woman should, I will always defend myself and my integrity against those who seek to embarrass me. This is probably the first time that many of you have heard my name. “

Is the relationship broken? Powerful cross between Dana White and Francis Ngannou’s agent

“That’s by design – customers must always come first. I apologize if it seems otherwise, but my clients know that I will support them NO MATTER what. I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be. I don’t mind being the best manager in MMA, this shit doesn’t define me. I am the best version of me, period. If you cannot respect that, you have the right to have an opinion, “he also emphasized.

There is a lot of anger

On the other hand, Marquel He stressed: “But I will leave this here and say, I will not allow a man to discredit my name and what I stand for. I have worked too hard in life to allow that. And yes, I am fully aware of any blackballs or threats that may come my way from @danawhite or UFC. You know me, you know my number. Happy to solve this directly instead of IG, but the defamation began.

“Regardless, regardless of this, I am moving forward (unless it is belittled again) and I (along with your team of representatives) will do the best we can with Francis and all of our clients with fairness, integrity and the highest standards. Personally, this is what I would love to see throughout the sport. Thank you all and God bless you. Talk soon ?? », he concluded Marquel martin.

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