Go on? The Ducati offer that seduces Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi.

Valentino rossi He arrived in the middle of the season with several problems. The first of these are the results. So far this season, Valentino was unable to finish within seven spots so far this season. The second is his future: at the end of the year the Italian would retire from the championship, leaving behind more than 20 years of experience … Unless he accepts an offer from Ducati.

In recent days the Saudi prince who will sponsor the Aramco VR46 He stated in the team statement that he wants Valentino Rossi to be one of the official drivers for next year. The brand that provides the bikes for the new team will be Ducati. During the years 2011 and 2012, the nine-time champion was the official pilot of the Italian brand.

Valentino Rossi has already made a decision about his future: “It doesn’t change at all”

The relationship between Rossi and Ducati began as an Italian love, unrepeatable. The Tifosi dream came true: the greatest motorcycling idol in their country, and in the history of MotoGP, competed alongside the most important brand in the paddock. However, everything ended badly and the relationship between the team and Rossi fell apart.

The lack of results and the bad relationship between the rider and the leaders, made Ducati ‘magically’ forget about the Valentino stage. However, the chance that Valentino will keep racing and do it again with a Ducati, will renew the hopes of the Italians. The brand of Borgo panigale made an ‘irresistible’ offer to Rossi.

According to various media that are in the day-to-day of the paddock, Ducati offered ‘Il Dottore’ to be one more year on the circuits, with the VR46 bike. In the event that this happens, Ducati will put a motorcycle from the years as Valentino’s official rider, in the famous museum of the Italian house. This would be something that greatly seduces the nine-time champion, who will make the decision in the coming weeks.

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