“I’m the only one who can make a fake fight and win $ 100 million,” says Mayweather.

Soy el único que puede hacer una pelea falsa y ganar 100 millones, asegura Mayweather

Floyd mayweather boasted that he made $ 100 million for his controversial exhibition fight against the youtuber Logan paul.

“I am the only person who can make a fake fight and get 100 million,” he said. Mayweather to the media at the press conference of the fight between Gervonta davis Y Mario Barrios placeholder image.

In the same way, in a mocking tone, he assured that he could dedicate himself to sparring and earn millions.

“I could do legalized sparring and get 100 million,” he said.

But it didn’t stop there Mayweather It did not end at that point, as he compared himself to a bank robber.

Am I the best bank robber? Because I don’t know anyone in sports who is my age and I can still win them (the millions) like that ”, he asserted.

Will Mayweather return to the ring?

The probability that Mayweather, who retired from boxing in 2017 with a perfect 50-0 record, step into the ring once again for an exhibition match that seems remote and especially in a professional match.

“I am going to enter the ring. Hall of Fame. I have nothing to prove. If they are happy fighting and holding eight rounds, that’s good for them, I hope the fans are happy, “he explained.

“I’ve been in this sport for so long, I was letting people see that I can go out at the age of 44 and bring 30,000 to the stadium and bring good pay-per-view numbers,” he argued.

Finally, Money assured that everything has its time and he is no longer a young man to take risks at this time in the sport that gave him many triumphs, but above all a lot of money.

“I’m not going to act like I’m 19, it’s all about growth and aging; I can’t fight like when I fought against people like Gatti and people like that ”, he sentenced.

Floyd Mayweather is no longer a youngster.

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