Strong images! MMA star knocks out man in bar and is all the rage


In the last hours, a viral video is all the rage on social media networks. MMA, after a veteran of Bellator be the protagonist. It is about the recognized Joe schilling, who was involved in a violent event inside a bar, where he just had an argument with a customer. Although this happened last weekend, it was in these days that it reverberated around the world.

It should be noted that it is not very clear where the incident took place or exactly when, but the video is very forceful of what really happened. It shows Schilling trying to pass by the client’s side of the bar, the one who was standing in the middle of where the martial artist wanted to go. After colliding and moving on, everything exploded.

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Schilling wanted to pass him, but it seems that whoever was there dancing said something to him behind his back. After taking a step towards the veteran kickboxer and feigning that he was going to hit him, it was the worst decision. Automatically, in one second, the Bellator she put three consecutive fists in his face and left him completely asleep on the floor of the drink and music establishment.

Criticism rained down on him

The strangest thing of all was that the fighter himself shared the video, saying: “Apparently, self-defense is no longer what this country is about. Don’t trip, I have the video. I love you guys, thank you for your concern and support during my life-threatening experience. A big thank you to The Yard Muay Thai for preparing me for this life threatening situation.

In turn, the video also had a hashtag that said “f * ck racists.” For his part, in another statement he made Schilling He added the following about what happened at the bar: “If you think I’m going to be the guy to calm everything down, you’ve got me screwed. I’m here for the show. While he has currently been training at Sanford MMA, in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Joe saw action in a beverage enclosure.

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