The scariest of MMA? Renowned coach gave his star fighter


Without a doubt, MMA have many legendary stars still active, as is the case with UFC. In that sense, hours ago he spoke to the press Firas zahabi, head coach of TriStar Gym in Montreal and best known as the coach of Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre. On this occasion, he analyzed Nate diaz, who, for him, is the scariest fighter in Mixed Martial Arts.

Starting with your words, Zahabi He started by saying the following about it: “If you put him in a fight where there is no time limit, I think he beats 99 percent of the fighters. You cannot subdue it. You can’t finish him. The boy does not stop walking forward. It gives you volume. In my opinion, he is the scariest street fighter in the world. MMA«.

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“I think if you had to fight him in the street, you are in a fight for your life. There will be no standing judges between rounds. There is no judge who comes and gives you the victory. Nerd. This guy is not leaving. I think that if he had a fight without a time limit with Leon Edwards, he beats Leon Edwards, and I have great admiration for Leon Edwards, “he also communicated, analyzing his fighter.

Trust Nate

On the other hand, Firas He did not remain silent and also indicated: «The blow to that is that this is not our sport. You accepted five rounds of 5 minutes and we are preparing for that. Of course, Leon Edwards could have prepared differently if he was fighting a fight with no time limit. I just think that even with a different preparation, Diaz win.

“I think Diaz is the greatest, probably the best street fighter, and by that I mean there are no rules, no judges, we just fight until one of us finishes, until one of us surrenders or dies. I think that Diaz wins 99% of the votes. time “, closed Firas zahabi, one of the best known coaches in the world of MMA.

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