After the refusal of Toto Wolff, Mercedes listens to Lewis Hamilton and will implement improvements

Lewis Hamilton

This week, Lewis hamilton made a strong request to the team Mercedes. The seven-time champion of the Formula 1 was very annoyed by the low competitiveness of the car, with respect to Red bull. That is why after Styrian GP, requested several improvements to the car’s power unit and aerodynamics. Nevertheless, Toto wolff, team leader, refused to comply with his pilot’s request.

This caused a kind of internal ‘War’ in the engineers, who put themselves in different sides. One of them, James allison, flatly denied his own boss, assuring that in the next races a much more competitive car will be seen, although he did ensure that the development of the car for next year will be Mercedes’ first objective.

What happened? Mercedes said no to Lewis Hamilton and the controversy began

After the order of Hamilton, the refusal of Wolff, and now the denial of the chief engineer, nobody knows what will happen to the Mercedes. However, many say that these sayings of the members of the German team are mental games, something that Red Bull does not want to confirm. from the Austrian team, they assured that Mercedes will be back in the fight in a short time.

“We have several things that will make our car faster in the next races. Hopefully they are enough. I don’t think Toto precisely said that there won’t be any more updates. What Toto is pointing out is that next year’s rules are a big and complicated business, so they demand a lot of our attention, ”Allison stated, according to


2022 It will be the overriding goal for Mercedes, and this was confirmed by Allison himself: “Most of our focus at the factory has moved on to next year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things in the chain before that change of focus. . Also, it is not the whole factory. We are only one of the two factories, there is also the power unit factory, something else will come from the engine ”, he added to finish.

Source: Lewis Hamilton official Twitter

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