An expert: Georges St-Pierre’s terrible prediction for the Poirier-McGregor trilogy

Georges St-Pierre.

On July 10 there will be an immense battle of UFC, the one that leaves on alert Georges St-Pierre. The legendary Canadian martial artist wants to return to the most important cage in the world, so he took the opportunity to give his prediction about the trilogy war between Dustin Poirier Y Conor mcgregor. They are both one by one. Knowing that both fights ended in knockout, there is immense expectation.

Everything will take place in the UFC 264, in the last fight of the night. With a more than impressive billboard, the American and the Irishman will seek to put an end to a movie story. Both knew what it was like to be knocked out on the other hand, as well as they could also send the other to sleep. In that sense, there are very few in the world who imagine a different result in the third.

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Strong prediction

Being that way, St-Pierre He spoke on the YouTube channel Tristar Gym, where he left a shocking and forceful prediction of what could happen. “I think that Mcgregor he is very good at rematches, and I think he will have the victory. I think I will probably win in the second round. A coup de grace, “said the former Canadian champion of UFC, who might be back soon.

One of the journalists, Zahabi, replied: “My official choice was 50-50 odds. I think it could be either way, but since GSP chose Mcgregor, I have to choose Poirier. I’m going to defend Poirier right now. At 155, McGregor’s power might not be exactly what it used to be, and he has five rounds to go through. I think that Poirier showed in fight No. 2 that he is smart enough to take McGregor in the later rounds. “

«I think, psychologically, Poirier he’s a little more willing to take that left hand. He is more aware of it. I think this is an incredibly difficult fight. Fifty fifty but yeah Georges chose McGregor, I must choose Poirier. I think Poirier will take him to Round 3 and do the same thing he did before. He will kick his leg, he will do a little to Mcgregor on the leg and then he will put his hands on it ”, he also stated.

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