And then he lost! Justin Jaynes explained why he bet his entire salary on himself

Justin Jaynes.

After what was the UFC Vegas 30, Justin jaynes broke the silence after losing all his salary. The extraordinary American fighter had so much confidence in the previous one that he decided to bet all the money he would win on himself. However, he could not beat Charles Rosa and was defeated in a split decision. For this reason, he not only let go of the 25 thousand that corresponded to him, but the last fight of his contract with the company.

Starting, Jaynes He said, “That’s the crazy part because people keep saying, ‘This is a publicity stunt.’ Listen, I don’t care if you believe me, I don’t care if you don’t believe me, my family knows I’m fucking lost. Don’t you think if this was a publicity stunt I would have been very excited this week before? There was no mention of that. I only mentioned it on one podcast, Overtime Heroics, then ESPN picked it up and it went big. “

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If this was a publicity stunt, I would have gone crazy all the time. I only mentioned it a couple of times and I barely mentioned it when I did. I had no idea that I was going to get this kind of publicity. It’s just another day at the office. I was prepared, as I said, for all the results. Win or lose, whether you win or lose the bet, I was prepared for all the outcomes. Obviously it doesn’t feel right. I play a lot, “he said.

He regrets?

At the same time, Justin He recounted, “I still believe in myself and would have no problem doing it again. I don’t regret the bet I made. I do not regret the decisions I have made. Hopefully believing in myself inspired someone to believe in themselves and at the end of the day that’s what I’m going to do. Money comes and goes, but belief in yourself must be permanent. It’s just a slippery slope, especially scoring for MMA, because I feel like Charles had more volume but he didn’t hit any shots.

I’m not bruised, I wasn’t. When he was landing his shots, they were like mosquito bites. So I thought I had won the first round, he knocked me down with, like, 40 seconds in the first round. Going into the second we ended up in a kind of awkward position where he was hitting me with a hammer but, again, without damaging the shots. I lost the second round for sure just because of that awkward position we were getting into, “he concluded. Justin jaynes.

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