Antonio Mohamed, in FOOTBALL 90: the family tragedy that he had to live, the death of Maradona and the desire to direct again

Antonio Mohamed, in FOOTBALL 90: the family tragedy that he had to live, the death of Maradona and the desire to direct again

On your visit to FOOTBALL 90, Antonio Mohamed told how his life changed after the death of his son, referred to Diego Armando Maradona, admitted that he wants to return to direct soon and expressed his desire to be president of Huracán in the future.

On the 15th anniversary of the tragic accident in which his son Farid died, the Turk described how he manages to bear “the lowest blow that a human being can suffer.” In addition, he acknowledged that he is “getting the urge” to resume his career as a coach, after his departure from Monterrey.

Here are the best phrases of Mohamed on ESPN F90:

The accident that marked him forever
“Today marks the 15th anniversary of the accident, the day Argentina was eliminated in the World Cup in Germany.”

“It is a scar that I will live with every day. It made me very good to have other children, family, friends. Over time, I am about to achieve what one achieves with a father or mother. Remember them in a few years with a smile. One of the goals I have is to see videos of my son again. I did it with photos, but not with videos yet. I am analyzing him in therapy. “

“It is the lowest blow that a human being can suffer, but I have nothing to reproach. It was what touched me. I got very angry with God. Why didn’t it happen to us adults? Why to a child ? Then you understand, that they lent it to you for 9 years and that fate wanted it to be that way. And that they put a more fucking test on you, to see how you are shaping your character and to give more love to those who remain. ” .

“When these things happen, you start not to give importance to small big problems. Suddenly you get angry with the traffic or things that have solutions. But those are not problems.”

“What I had to live was very hard. And as soon as it happened to me, I felt that they were looking at me as a victim. One day I stood up with my friends and told them: ‘If you are going to treat me like this, I will not come again. Keep on carrying me and let them make me be the same again. A few months later I grabbed Hurricane, we had to go up and we started back. In football I am happy. It is the place where I could bear this pain. “

“Life is now. It changes you in an instant.”

“In Huracán I was always happy. Also in Monterrey, it is my other place in the world. Friends and love are the most important of all.”

The desire to direct again
“I arrived in Argentina in November of last year, just with the death of Diego (Maradona). I decided to rest a bit.

“Already in the celebration of the Cup with Monterrey I felt that something was missing. Returning in the truck I thought about it, I talked about it with friends and the stimulus had been turned off. When one comes out champion is the maximum, but I felt that mine was in other side”.

The desire to be president of Huracán
“I would like to be president of Huracán. I know the time will come. I have a thought with the club: it always resurfaced because of the Inferiores players. You have to bet on that.”

“It is not normal that Huracán has taken out so many figures that are around the world and none of them want to return. Name whoever you want: Pastore, Cellay, Paolo Goltz, Monsalvo, Daniel Osvaldo, Larrivey, Sánchez Prette, Sixto Peralta, Cuqui Silvera … “.

“Kaku (Romero Gamarra) may be the first to change that.”

“Hopefully it can change with the new directive, that they can give more restraint to the boys.”

“Lanús, Vélez received money from television at the time and Huracán was on B. That is why he began to row from behind. And the others grew in infrastructure, in everything.”

“Hurricane is the 6th big one. History is written like this. It is the classic. If a team wins 200 titles, it does not become the greatest of all.”

The death of Diego Maradona
“I was in my apartment. I threw myself to sleep for a while and when I got up, the hearse was just passing by. With the little one (Diego) we have passed through there.

“When I see a photo, or I see it on TV, I get distressed. I still can’t believe it. I think it’s on any corner.”

“We share a lot of life.”

“The last time I saw him was when he had an operation on his knee. I also saw him in Mexico. I think he had a fall with the operation and it was bad. In Mexico he looked good. When he left us, he didn’t look whole.”

“When he came out on the court on his birthday, I changed the channel.”

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