Historical! This is how Tyson Fury celebrated England’s triumph over Germany in the Euro

¡Histórico! Así celebró Tyson Fury el triunfo de Inglaterra sobre Alemania en la Euro

The British heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, celebrated England’s triumph over Germany in soccer, in the round of 16 of Euro 2021.

England beat Germany 2-0 last Tuesday, thus sealing their pass to the next stage of the Euro. Among the fervent fans, the great Fury.

Pending each challenge that his National Team faced in this competition, the Gypsy king provided its support via Twitter for those led by Gareth southgate. Fury He is not in England, but in Las Vegas where he is preparing for his third fight against Deontay Wilder.

“Wembley is roaring, the stage is set. Come on England ”, tweeted the heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Council, in appointment to the starting lineup.

Fury’s wild celebration of England’s victory over Germany

Once the result and the pass to the quarterfinals of the English have been decreed, Tyson fury he joined the festivities of his training partners.

As there were no televisions in the venue, those present watched the meeting through a cell phone and shouted at the final whistle.

Between jumps, jets of water, screams and chants typical of the British partiality, everyone demonstrated their joy at the achievement obtained.

Fury was born in 1988, so it was not in this world for the World Cup in Mexico in 1986. But what would have been your reaction to the two historic goals of Diego Maradona?

Wilder warned Fury, and said he never knocked him out

Deontay Wilder says he is convinced that Tyson fury he cannot knock him out, and that it is the Briton who must guard against a knockout.

“Of course, Fury (he was more hurt). I gave him a concussion, “he said. Wilder in interview for Sky Sports. “Didn’t you see his eyes go white and back in his head (in the first fight)?”

“Even under the circumstances that I was in (in the second fight), he couldn’t even knock me out. I was alive and well, still on my feet, so he has a lot to worry about. Not me, “continued the American boxer.

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