The worst decision? This is how Justin Jaynes lived his defeat and loss of all salary

Justin Jaynes.

The Saturday that happened Justin jaynes he was left with one of the controversies of the UFC Vegas 30. The American fighter bet, in the previous one, all his salary that he won. Finally, he fell by decision against Charles Rosa, so he clearly did not take his money home. For this reason, in the last battle of his contract with the company, many criticized him for that action.

Talking to MMA Junkie, Jaynes He said, ‘I come out slugging in the third. I knew he was hurt and I’m getting a lot of criticism for, ‘Oh why did you take him down?’ After finishing with that flurry my punches are slowing down, we’ve been fighting for 15 minutes. I started hitting him on the forearms and then we were so close, so I took him down knowing that or assuming after seeing Bryce Mitchell that he would give me a side choke. “

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«I cannot say that I regret it. On the feet, again, the fatigue was settling in, my punches were slowing down. People love you if you win, they hate you if they lose. If I had finished the side choke after taking him down, I would be the smartest fighter and my fighting IQ would be through the roof. Obviously, since the submission didn’t pass, I’m the dumbest fighter in UFC“, Held.

It was crazy?

In addition, Justin He said: “Listen, I don’t know where my career will be next month. I am not cashing a paycheck this month. These people don’t even understand how much I have risked to do what I do or to get where I am. My whole life has been an all-inclusive situation. I come from a small town called Richmond, Michigan. I graduated with a hundred people. When I graduated from college, I was facing a decision.

I sold my soul to the devil. I moved from Michigan, I got away from my family, I was away from my son for the last 10 years. I missed 10 years of him growing up so that I could pursue this dream of reaching UFC, and all these people want to criticize me. I’m an all-inclusive guy, when I say I’m going to do something, I’m not doing it by halves, I’m going with everything. This was the last statement, this was my thing from the beginning of my career, be it financial, whatever it may be », he closed Justin jaynes.

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