They destroyed it in the networks: Jeremy Stephens explained the controversial push in the face to face

Jeremy Stephens.

In the preview of UFC Vegas 24, Jeremy stephens pushed Drakkar Klose and he suffered an unexpected injury. Therefore, they canceled the co-feature of the event. Everything was surprising, after he pushed his rival on stage, later causing him a somewhat controversial injury. In that sense, talking with MMA Junkie, who was not damaged, commented on what happened.

Being that way, Stephens He stated: “It was just an experience. They paid me a little money just to weigh. I showed up and he didn’t, you know? I never thought a push would go this far. I didn’t think I was going to act like this, respond like this and come to the UFC like this and turn it into quite a show. From what I’ve heard, I feel like Dana (White) was behind me, the company was behind me. I lost the opportunity to go in there, to act.

Got worse? Drakkar Klose told how healthy he is after Jeremy Stephens’ push

“At all levels, I can see it transparently. I’m very good with exactly what I did. I’m a fighter. I am paramount in those moments. Come up or not, hands behind your back, put your nose to nose with me, you broke the behavior first. I didn’t get close to you. And if you watch a video, it’s cutting the ring. I could see it in his eyes. Do you want to come to me? Days before that, we were in the UFC PI, ‘Hey, what’s up?’

A controversial moment

Parallel, Jeremy He commented, “His wife or girlfriend or fiancee was like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ All of his gear was fine, but I could see that he was freaking out there, and he was interrupting. As I got closer, he still kept going and got closer and closer. It was just a primal instinct to push that son of a bitch back. He just wasn’t ready. I came too hungry.

«I received a call from UFC And we have another fight, keep going What can I say? It was just an experience. I don’t know what’s going on with him. He was knocked out quite a bit the previous fight. If the UFC wasn’t covering your coverage, that’s not the way to do it. Get in touch, call the damn medical team if you’re really hurt. I do not feel that it caused a concussion, “he closed Jeremy stephens.

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