To return to? Demetrious Johnson and the chance to be world champion again

Demetrious Johnson.

After being a UFC champion and ONE Championship, Demetrious Johnson He was blunt about his future. The legendary Mixed Martial Arts fighter spoke with the press in the last hours and expressed himself to the time that he has passed without having the title in his possession. Clearly many want to see him at the top again, but, in his words, that may never happen again.

To get started, Johnson He commented, “It doesn’t consume me. I will never let something consume me and drive me crazy. Because I feel like when people set goals, when I first jumped into mixed martial arts, my goal was never to be a world champion. It never was. Because when I jumped into mixed martial arts, there was no 125. There was no 135. The smallest weight class was 155 and that went down and then went down to 170 and then 155 came back.

Do you deserve it? Legendary Demetrious Johnson was blunt about his present

“For me, my goal was not to be a champion. He was so smart and so good that I became better than everyone and became a world champion and defended him 12 times. For me, I am here to have a good time and relax. I’m sure there are other guys who are struggling and consumed with trying to become the best in the world and become world champions, “he said.

Another rhythm of life

Firm in your posture, Demetrious He said, ‘I’ve been there, I’ve done that. Now I just enjoy my life and take it fight by fight. Here’s the thing, I’m not sitting around a campfire with my friends and family reminiscing about my career. I’m just not that kind of person. I don’t want people to take it the wrong way, but when you’ve done something since you were 18, now I’m 34 and I don’t want something to consume my life. I want to be the best version of myself.

“When I’m in the gym, I still train my butt. I’m still learning new techniques and doing everything, but I’m not going to let that consume my life. Do you think my children care if I am the world champion? They don’t give a shit. There are more important things in my life than fighting and that is my family. I want to be with my family and let that consume my life, “he added. Demetrious Johnson.

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