What will happen? The charges that Joe Schilling will face for the viral knockout in a bar

Joe Schilling.

The expeller of Bellator, Joe schilling, will face charges for knocking out another man in a bar. Although it will only be for simple aggression, after what was the viral altercation with a subject in a Florida bar, this would complicate his things. At the age of 37, he was captured in images while fiercely beating a man, who was later identified as Justin Balboa and testified about it.

According to what Balboa told officers, he is 31 years old and was beaten senselessly. He is a busboy and works at an Outback Steakhouse restaurant, so he was afraid of losing his job too. Being that way, from the Fort Lauderdale Police Department they spoke with the knocked out man and then they released what he said.

What happened? Joe Schilling explained why he knocked out another man in a bar

This described Schilling like a 6-foot-5, 270-pound white male, the one who “just hit him for no reason.” “Balboa did not give more details about how or why the man beat him,” can be seen in the police report, highlighting that he was “obviously intoxicated.” “I just wanted to document the incident to file a civil lawsuit against the establishment,” said the affected.

Complicated situation

“Balboa was extremely drunk and had possibly made an inappropriate comment about the girlfriend / wife of the man who hit him, causing the fight to escalate. He is a regular customer who regularly causes problems in the establishment due to his level of intoxication “, dictated the manager of the place. The police also indicated that “many other customers of the establishment corroborated the manager’s story.”

For his part, Balboa’s lawyer, Robert Solomon, completed: “It was something that should not have happened. It shouldn’t have happened. You watch that video and you shudder. This is a professional wrestler. Tell me that you felt threatened as a professional fighter who is fighting at the highest level of all fights, Bellator And all these things, I don’t think so I think it was unnecessary and there are consequences when you do things like that.

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