What would be the ideal team from the Dominican Republic in the FIBA ​​Olympic qualifier?

What would be the ideal team from the Dominican Republic in the FIBA ​​Olympic qualifier?

If they could count on all their skillful resources by the regulation, the Dominicans would have a squad of the highest level in international basketball.

Knowing that circumstances have complicated the participation of some players and teams in international competitions, due to the restrictions and the implications of Covid-19, many squads in the FIBA Olympic Qualifier they do not have their main stars.

During the post-match press conference between Serbia and the Dominican Republic, the question came about the absences of Karl Towns Y Al Horford in the Dominican team, but it could not be answered perhaps due to lack of time.

So we can only speculate which would have been the best team that the Dominican Republic could have put on the court for the Olympic qualifying, taking apart the rules of the naturalized and recognizing the effort that the Federation made to put together the team that is giving everything for the whole in the olympic qualifier.

Shipowners are no longer a problem

For a long time the headache of the Dominican National Team was the point guard position. A point guard who could adequately direct the game and with the ability to score. The one with the most experience in the selection is Edgar sosa, who did not participate in this cycle due to technical decision in accordance with what was expressed by Fedombal.

Gelvis Solano He is a guard who with his height has good ball handling and was one of the best scorers of the match against Serbia. Mike torres It is a recent addition that has paid off very well and has silenced the skeptics who wondered where it came from.

A lot of “Swingman” from where to choose

Versatile men who, according to the rival, can act in different positions and above all with very good scoring ability. Of the ideal list, only the captain is currently with the team Victor Liz who was the best scorer of the match against the Serbs.

With Chris Duarte focused on his next steps as one of the NBA Draft figures and a LJ Figueroa who continued to demonstrate their talent at the top, but is also preparing for their immediate future, the Dominicans could have had a high-level duo as they demonstrated in Oregon.

In addition to having offensive options such as Luis David Montero “Pinguilín” and James feldeine who was recently released by Real Betis, would have given another approach to the Dominican attack.

The current weakness would be strength

And seeing the great game of Boban marjanovic who dominated painting, it only remains to imagine how the weakness of the Dominicans could have been their greatest strength. The paint zone (and beyond) would be covered with the NBA, Karl-Anthony Towns Y Al Horford. The first one had a difficult year and it is understandable that he wants to clear his mind and spend it with his family. The second is preparing for his new opportunity with the Boston Celtics, but has expressed his desire to participate in the next Olympic cycle.

Eloy Vargas was preparing to attend the pre-Olympic appointment but unfortunately the injuries did not allow him to do so, while Angel Delgado He chose not to participate in the tournament for family reasons that he expressed on social media.

The reserve of players would be loaded with talent with options such as Rigoberto Mendoza, Andrés Féliz, Adonys Henríquez, Angel Núñez, among others.

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