Will it be able to? Brandon Moreno admits he wants to be like a boxing legend

Brandon Moreno.

The new champion of UFC, Brandon Moreno, left exciting phrases for Mexicans. In dialogue with MMA Junkie in Spanish, the extraordinary mixed martial artist was pleased to compare himself with Julio Cesar Chavez, legendary Latin American boxer who knew how to do his job very well. In that way, his words made a lot of noise for his entire country.

Starting, Brown He dictated: «I think that we must first contextualize what Julio César Chávez means for my country, for Mexico. I know that he is recognized worldwide and that everyone in the boxing world knows who he is. Julio Cesar Chavez. He is a legend, and legend status is achieved when people, regardless of whether they like boxing or not, know his name, people know Julio César Chávez ».

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«In Mexico, times are maximum, and having someone like that with very nice words for you and recognizing your name is very special. I’ve said it before, I want to be the one Julio Cesar Chavez of MMA. I want to be that point of reference, when people hear my name they say, ‘That guy is a legend in MMA; revolutionized. Right now I want to evolve MMA in my country and I hope to achieve it, “he emphasized.

More confident than ever

At the same time, Brandon He explained: “I think if I can sum it up, it all shows in Chávez’s most symbolic fight: the fight he had against Meldrick Taylor. I see my life that way. It was a fight that many thought he was losing, but in the end, with heart and pressure and being brave, he stops Meldrick Taylor and takes the victory. I want my career to reflect that because I am also aware that I am not going to be that kind of champion like Khabib (Nurmagomedov).

“He is undefeated and he is simply invincible. I think I am a very human champion. Despite all my limitations and imperfections, I can be on top of this game. Technique is very important, and everything has to go hand in hand with technique, but at the end of the day, having heart and courage when it comes time to fight is hard to have. It is something that you must forge along the way », he closed Brandon Moreno.

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