Are you on OnlyFans? The UFC explorer that revolutionizes exclusive sites

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Paige VanZant, fighter of BKFC and exUFC, is recognized not only for its ability to hit. The American came to boxing without gloves after a frustrated stint at Dana White’s company, although, in reality, she has more followers on social networks because of the content that constantly uploads and not because of the sport she practices. Therefore, with MMA Fighting, the lace did not save anything.

Being direct, VanZant She stated: “I feel like I am already seen as a sex symbol in the world of sports. It could also have monetization behind it. I wanted to do it on my own terms. So I joined Fan Time, it is a separate company. I am not with OnlyFans. It’s and it’s my own website and I have a lot of control over what happens there. It’s basically me doing exclusive things.

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“I am proud to say that I am part of it. I work hard for my body. I work hard for who I am, and there is a side of me that is extremely feminine and feminine, and I can share that on my fan site. Now I think it’s getting a lot more palatable. Before, OnlyFans looked more like porn stars. It had a little more X rating, just the public view, “said the American.

Heats the nets

In the same way, Paige He said, “I’m not saying that’s really what people have there, but I wanted to do it my way. I wanted to do it professionally and have my own website and that is what I have done. I was the one against it and he was pushing me like, ‘Fuck it, go ahead and have fun.’ I am sharing what I feel comfortable with. I am sharing everything I want. It’s my website. It is my experience. It’s for the fans.

“I have almost 3 million followers on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and all these other things. With the fan site, it’s a smaller group, but I can have that really engaging, individual experience with people and that’s what I really like. I am meeting people one by one and chatting with people and I also have fun and I am really cute and sexy too, “he said. Paige VanZant.

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