Bombshell: Fernando Alonso received an offer from a Formula 1 champion team

Fernando Alonso

When Fernando Alonso announced his return to the Formula 1 everyone thought he would do it with a very competitive car. However, the two-time Formula 1 champion did it with the team with which he reached glory: Alpine. While he won his titles with Renault, the French team only changed the name since the base is the same.

Nobody thought that Alonso returned to Formula 1 with a team that does not usually win titles. However, his arrival at Alpine has only one goal: to achieve victory in 2022, when new technical and aerodynamic rules are installed in the cars. According to FIA, these introductions will bring the teams closer to each other.

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“I would not have returned to Formula 1 without the new 2022 rules. I would like to say yes, I can be champion, but I don’t know. The big teams have the oven ready and the rest of us have a lot to do and test. For next year, all the teams have a dream of catching up with the leaders, ”Alonso said in an interview this Wednesday.


However, the Asturian surprised everyone by pointing out that one of the most important teams in Formula 1, offered him a contract to be able to race. “I had no conversations with Mercedes, but if there were any with Red bull“Confirmed the Spanish, confirming the rumors that indicated that it would reach the Austrian brand in replacement of Alex albon.

Enjoy outside of F1

On the other hand, he assured that he had a great time in recent years, where he was far from the highest category. I really enjoyed them. I was able to change discipline and car every weekend. It was a challenge and a very big challenge that I enjoyed it to the fullest. Of everything I did I would keep the 24 Hours of Le Mans and with him Dakar”, He sentenced.

Source: Official Twitter Fernando Alonso

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