Get spicy: Jeremy Stephens predicts to ruin Mateusz Gamrot’s career

Jeremy Stephens.

The experienced fighter from UFC, Jeremy stephens, take on a new role in the world’s most important cage. The American took advantage of his dialogue with MMA Junkie to liquidate his next rival, Mateusz gamrot, which he will see head-on on July 17 that he enters. Being that way, as usual, he did not save anything and fired with thick ammunition to intimidate his opponent.

At the beginning, Stephens He stated, “I am still sober to this day and I keep digging inside myself. I did not go anywhere. I just went into my own mind, my own soul, as part of a healing process. Everything he was running from and insecurities as a man, like he was facing it. I am having these experiences. I am stronger than ever.

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“I feel in a really good place mentally and physically. I feel like I look even better. Without alcohol, it has opened many things to me. I’ve really faced my demons. I sat down. I’ve been alone I’m no longer afraid of being alone. I really sat with myself and dealt with a lot of fears in front of those things and more mental ones. It really helped to have a domino effect on the outside of my life, “he said in turn.

Come back with everything

On the other hand, Jeremy He recounted, “Your butt is always at stake when you sign with UFC, brother. That’s what doesn’t scare me. I welcome that shit. You know that when you sign that dotted line, you can get knocked out. You can break your arm. You can get a fucking UFC cut. That is why I am still present because I can accept that darkness and smile.

“I’m going to prove you wrong and I’m going to make it very disgusting, like with a featured reel KO with a shin to the head, a knee to the head, an uppercut from hell. That’s where I’m at home just playing Linkin Park just hopping around my damn house. I’m just visualizing victory. I have already won. You’re going to see something fucking disgusting and you’re going to jump off your couch and be like that son of a bitch said he was going to do it and he did it, “he concluded. Jeremy stephens.

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