He’s upset: Cody Stamann ridiculed Sean O’Malley for his UFC career

He's upset: Cody Stamann ridiculed Sean O'Malley for his UFC career

Hours ago, Cody Stamann, excellent fighter of UFC, nothing was saved and shot everyone. The aforementioned was in the footsteps of Sean O’Malley, one of the largest Dana White projects in the company. Of course, he does not like the latter, so, speaking to MMA Junkie Radio, he released everything he thinks of him. It was precisely because of this that his words rang out loud.

At first, Stamann He said, ‘I haven’t exactly had the easiest race in UFC, and I am very jealous and envious of the career he has had. I haven’t had those fights. I haven’t had those fights where you put guys on a skid, or you get a name coming out. I just had anyone win fights, six fights in a row, I’m like the goalkeeper in qualifying, like I had to go fight that guy. “

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“I think there is a huge financial payoff in that fight, there’s so much hype around the kid about how great he is, but I look at these guys and it’s like, who did they fight? Who have you fought with that is a top contender? Because the guys who are classified are classified for a reason, and it is because they fought against the best and won, “he mentioned.

Made fun of him

Being so, Cody He also stated, “So you really have to start looking at who people are fighting with, not necessarily how well they’re doing against entry-level guys in UFC. How long can you just fight guys off the charts, guys on their way out before people start to realize that maybe you’re not a legitimate contender and that you’re just a guy who has a flashy style that people Do you like to see? ».

“You are a character outside the cage, but you cannot hide when you enter there. It doesn’t really matter who you smoke marijuana with or how many followers you have on Instagram because when you get in the cage and fight someone, that’s real. And fighting against someone who has competed against the best is a different experience and I learned it the hard way, “he added. Cody Stamann.

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