“If Spence beats Pacquiao, he has to be the best Pound for Pound,” says Andre Ward.

Errol Spence y Manny Pacquiao

Andre Ward, former world light heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist in Athens 2004, think so Errol spence is able to beat Manny pacquiao, he will become the best pound-for-pound fighter of today.

“If it beats PacquiaoIf he really masters it, he will be the best pound for pound ”, he commented. Ward to Fighthype. “I give a slight advantage to Spence, it will have to be better than it has been before. You will need to use extra caution, Manny surely he worked very hard to face someone this young ”.

Equally, Ward think that the overconfidence of Manny in his physical condition could play against him in the face of the exhibition of the welter belts of the CMB Y FIB, in current possession of Spence Jr.

Manny He is a fighter who relies excessively on his energy, he is getting older and has had very tough fights lately, ”he said. “I think he still has some power in the tank, but we have to see how that two-year break could affect him. I don’t doubt we’ll see glimpses of the old man Pacman, but it won’t be the same as before ”.

In order to Ward It is also the opportunity that Spence have your moment of truth in front of one of the legendary fighters of the last era.

Pacman It will make him fight, so I don’t know if we will see him rise to the occasion or he will be left behind ”, he mentioned. “I sincerely want to believe that the stage will not eat him up and put on a great display.”

About the future that may hold Spence to beat the Filipino, Ward trusts that after a long time the combat can be closed with Terence crawford and unify the division.

“I would like to see Spence with Crawford if he finally beats PacquiaoIt’s the fight we all want, ”he said. “It would be a waste of time for both of them if they don’t fight. In 20 years, no one will care about the circumstance, they will only think about why the hell it never happened. I honestly don’t understand why it shouldn’t happen ”.

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