Mexico goes to the Gold Cup without Chicharito Hernández and with Funes Mori

Mexico goes to the Gold Cup without Chicharito Hernández and with Funes Mori

The announcement of the Mexican National Team to play the next Gold Cup was announced, in which Rogelio Funes Mori appears

Rogelio Funes Mori was the forward chosen by Gerardo Tata Martino for the Mexican National Team to seek to revalidate its champion title in the Gold Cup. The Argentine leaves out Javier el Chicharito Hernández, who boasts 10 goals in 10 games with the LA Galaxy.

The list that was sent to Concacaf confirms the presence of Alan Pulido, who was out of activity due to a cut in his ankle, and Efraín Álvarez, the soccer player who was the object of the United States’ desire and declined by Mexico, was also summoned. definitively.

Funes Mori was nationalized a few weeks ago, in search of being summoned by Gerardo Tata Martino and fighting to go to the World Cup with the Mexican National Team. The naturalized Argentine has his first test in the Gold Cup, seeking to earn a place in the team that will play the tie next September.

The call of Rogelio Funes Mori ignites the controversy caused by the absence of Javier el Chicharito Hernández. The LA Galaxy forward is one of the figures of the United States championship and was in the pre-list for the Gold Cup, Tata Martino decided not to consider him in the final list, despite the lack of forwards.

Chicharito Hernández has not been summoned by Gerardo Martino since 2019, after an indiscipline on a tour of the Mexican National Team in the United States. Fune Mori hopes to help forget about Raúl Jiménez, injured and without a fixed time to return to activity.

Instead of Guillermo Ochoa, who is going to the Olympic Games, Alfredo Talavera appears. Alan Cervantes and Erick Sánchez are ruled out to go to Tokyo 2020, despite the fact that Jaime Lozano has a place available and the two players give their age, since Tata Martino called them for the Gold Cup.

On the list, Mexico’s Jesús el Tecatito Corona and Hirving el Chucky Lozano stand out as figures, as well as Néstor Araujo, who play in Europe and are considered the most prominent Tricolor players.

The Tricolor debuts on July 10 in the Gold Cup.

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