Rodrigo Bentancur: “We arrived very motivated to the game against Colombia”

Rodrigo Bentancur: "We arrived very motivated to the game against Colombia"

Rodrigo Bentancur spoke at a press conference and analyzed the clash between Uruguay Y Colombia which will be played this Saturday in Brasilia for the Quarterfinals of the Copa America Brazil 2021. The Juventus midfielder highlighted the growth in the Celeste game and commented on the absence of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado in the coffee team.

Uruguay began losing in the group stage of the tournament, falling to Argentina 1-0. Then they drew 1-1 against Chile, beat Bolivia (2-0) and Paraguay (1-0), and finished second in Group A .

Bentancur spoke about the performance of the eastern team, which has been showing a better version game after game: “It has been greatly improved at the game level. It has improved a lot at the offensive level and the team was more compact”.

The midfielder stressed that, facing the match against Paraguay, the coach Óscar Tabárez asked his midfielders for more mobility and more arrivals to the rival area: “I think that was reflected in the game, where the whole team had a great attitude. I think we must work on the definition in order to arrive in the best way possible and try to score as many goals as possible in the game against Colombia ”.

“The Maestro had asked us for much more intensity for the game against Paraguay, the previous days he told us that he wanted to see a faster and more alive team in the middle of the field, we were able to do that and we are very happy with the game we played. this Monday ”, he highlighted.

Bentancur remarked that La Celeste still has to adjust the definition issue, but that the team is very motivated and confident, arriving very well for this Saturday’s game.

Regarding the clash with Colombia, the Uruguayan said: “They have a great midfield, in general they have a great team. We will try to win the backs of his midfielders and we will try to defend well and come out fast from the counterattack, which is one of our strengths ”.

“It will be a very tough game, we know their tools both in attack and defense, and based on that we will work to arrive in the best way,” said the 24-year-old footballer who started in the last antecedent between coffee growers and Charrúas played in November 2020 for the Qualifiers and which ended with a celestial triumph in Barranquilla by 3 to 0. In any case, Bentancur said regarding that match: “Each match is a world apart, that match we played in Colombia was very good At the team level we were very well armed in defense ”.

The Cologne-born will not be able to face his Juventus teammate Juan Guillermo Cuadrado this Saturday, who will not be at the command of Reinaldo Rueda because he is suspended due to the accumulation of yellow cards.

“I did not speak with Juan, but he is a very important player for Colombia, he is a benchmark, he attacks very well and apart from that he has incredible energy during the 90 minutes,” said Bentancur.

And he added: “They will lack a great player, but they have other great players who can supply him, we will be prepared to face the team that touches us.”

Finally, the Uruguayan was consulted about his great game against Paraguay: “I felt very good, the whole team looked very good and I think we arrived in a good way for Saturday, having another day to rest that was very good because in these moments rest is essential; I believe that we will arrive in an optimal way to face Colombia ”.

In particular, Bentancur spoke about his calm when handling the ball that he shows both in Uruguay and Juventus: “It is already part of my personality, I think that as I am on the court I am outside, a very calm person. The coaches who have helped me in that sense have been Luque in Boca’s lower teams, then Arruabarrena and the twins (Guillermo and Gustavo Barros Schelotto) in First Division, who told me to be calm without trying to prove anything ”.

“I always intend to give my teammates the best possible game and not do things that I don’t usually do. (Massimiliano) Allegri has also helped me a lot at Juve ”, concluded the Uruguayan.

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