Barcelona seeks salary cuts to make room for Messi’s contract

Barcelona seeks salary cuts to make room for Messi's contract

BARCELONA – Barcelona is working with determination to find an accommodation for Lionel Messi within the salary parameters that will be adjusted to its squad and aware of the need to drastically cut the general cost of a team that has more than a few footballers left over and which, those that are clear will continue, it is intended to lower the chips to meet the demands of LaLiga.

And while all this occupies the day to day at the Camp Nou, Messi remains unconcerned, it is assumed, with the Argentina team. “There is optimism but nothing is closed” it remains from around 10. “I would like to say that Leo stays but at the moment I cannot because we are in the process of finding the best solution”, publicly revealed Joan Laporta, apparently calm even though, today, Leo is a free player … Waiting for the definitive solution to be found.

Although it has been speculated on the need to reduce that staff salary mass by more than 200 million dollars, at the Camp Nou it is understood that a little more than half would be enough to fit the salary of the Argentine star, which will already be lowered ostensibly a token that could be around 50 million, approximately half of that specified in his last contract but with a series of future conditions that will cause him to maintain his economic status in the long run.

Now, between Miralem Pjanic, Samuel Umtiti and even Philippe Coutinho they aspire to add savings of more than another 50 million per season, to which will be added those already saved by Jean Claire Todibo and Matheus Fernandes, which will be achieved once the closing of the sale of Junior Firpo and what can be added from other footballers … And also through sales among the others. Easy? Not at all, but it is feasible in the opinion of the Barça club.

Two days after announcing the termination of the contract of Brazilian midfielder Matheus Fernandes, club sources admitted to ESPN that the objective is to continue with the departures, which it is intended could be solved shortly but it is suspected that they will not be so easy to complete.

The sale of Todibo to Nice has been closed and an agreement with Leeds United is drawn up for the transfer of Junior Firpo that could leave about five million dollars in the club’s coffers once the last term of his signing to Real Betis and the percentage of sale that the Verdiblanco club should receive, another five million salary will be released, still very far from the total that is intended but considering, already, a good operation both at a sporting and financial level, which is added to the almost three million that he had the French central token.

From here, the Barça managers focus their eyes on two different routes: on the one hand, they negotiate with LaLiga executives, with Javier Tebas at the helm, the possibility of obtaining facilities in terms of registrations given the salary limit that already was cut the last year by more than $ 300 million. The other part, fundamental, is to find a way out for the footballers who are not available.

One of them, Miralem Pjanic, is quite clear on the situation. The Bosnian midfielder knows that he is not part of the Barça club’s plans and hopes to unravel his future sooner rather than later. The hope of a low-cost transfer remains, but ultimately a paid transfer would not be ruled out. This is to repeat the formula used with Philippe Coutinho and Bayern Munich in the 2019-20 season and in this way save the more than ten million dollars that Barça annually costs his salary.

Less simple the solution is contemplated with Samuel Umtiti. The club would be delighted to offer him the withdrawal and terminate the French central defender’s contract once his signing is fully amortized … But the player, with two more years signed and a cost of more than $ 20 million per season, is not willing to give up his record just like that and Barça understands that he is not in a position to fire him for the brave.

Umtiti, in fact, has even rejected an assignment and the option of repeating the formula used by the previous board during the summer of 2020 with Luis Suárez is being considered: offering him an incentivized leave. This is paying him a large compensation to round off the salary at his new club. The question is up to what amount …

Waiting for the recovery of Coutinho, it is hoped that the player will gladly accept his departure although suspecting more than difficult to collect a transfer for him and considering a new assignment with which to save another 24 million dollars or at least a good part of them, While the injury of Ousmane Dembele itself was a hard blow for the club, which at the beginning of the Eurocup, while speculating on its renewal, negotiated a transfer to the Premier League, with Tuchel’s Chelsea on the plane, which in terms of salary It would have also saved him more than 20 million dollars.

In parallel to all this, Barcelona maintains open negotiation channels with LaLiga, relying on the empathy of the bosses, considering that in view of all the efforts that the club continues to make, it should find facilities on its part.

At the moment Messi is without a contract … And Barça accelerating their negotiations in all directions so that this lasts as little as possible.

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