Between anger and tranquility: Francis Ngannou will have to wait to fight again

Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou will not fight Derrick Lewis at the moment and there is a lot of anger with UFC. Thus, Eric Nicksick, head coach of the African champion, was blunt about what happened. After what was the announcement of the interim Heavyweight belt, the entire king’s team was very upset. Anyway, they try to take it easy at this time.

At first, Nicksick He highlighted: «I have to see this from both perspectives and I have to come out of this with a positive aspect because, for me as the head coach, if I am depressed, if I am adding fuel to this fire, it is not helping the situation at all. way. My goal and my position as a coach is to be prepared for whatever comes, whatever they ask for, and at any time ».

Still angry: strong words from Francis Ngannou’s team against UFC

So ultimately, if that means we’re going to fight Jon Jones in November or December, I think there’s some light behind this, and then this whole heavyweight division shakes up like it’s supposed to. Lewis and Gane is a legitimately good matchup, obviously leaving Stipe out in the open. I do not know what they are going to do with it and it is also very deserved in this photo of the title “, he communicated.

A controversial decision

In addition, Eric he dictated, “But if that means we’re going to fight Jon Jones, and maybe it’s a November card at Madison Square Garden or something, or even bigger, then I think it’ll all work out in the end. I think we all know it, and the fans know where this title goes and goes right through my man from Cameroon. In my mind it’s like we weren’t fighting in August anyway, this is just one fight that’s happening in August.

I’m just trying to keep my head balanced in all of this. We couldn’t fight in June because he was at home and he had some family commitments that a lot of us know about and a lot of people don’t understand what he was there for, but it was more because of the family element. And then he was unable to return to the country because he had to remake his visa. So, there are many things so that he can not even take these fights just for formalities, “he concluded Eric Nicksick.

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