Fernando Alonso calmed the waters and took responsibility away from Sebastian Vettel: “It was not his fault”

Fernando Alonso

The controversy of the weekend was lived in the classification of the Austrian Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso ran into Sebastian vettel when he was improving his times to qualify for the third part of the classification. The Asturian was very frustrated after the incident and harshly insulted Vettel, although he later calmed the waters: “It was not his fault”.

Despite Alonso’s anger, the team’s own pilot Alpine had some pity on the one of Aston martin. Alonso understood that Vettel was not the culprit of the incident, although he placed a huge responsibility on the German team. In addition, he was very angry about the starting position tomorrow, since he understood that he could fight for the first places of the race.

Video: Fernando Alonso broke out in a fight against Sebastian Vettel at the Austrian GP: «I can’t believe it»

“It’s going to be a race to forget because of a corner, it’s very frustrating. It was an unfortunate situation with Vettel, which his team should have handled better. It is not Seb’s fault because as pilots, we trust our engineers to communicate the things that happen on the track ”, Alonso assured the microphones of the Spanish channel DAZN.

Sanction to Vettel

Alonso added that despite the fact that the commissioners sanctioned Vettel with total security, the damage caused by the German has already been done. “It doesn’t matter a bit what happens to them, they will penalize them. We, to start fifth or sixth, because it was our best car in qualifying throughout the year and of course to finish 14th is to add many points to not add any because it is not possible to come back so easily here, “he said.

“Even if the last one came out, the 20th, it doesn’t matter. It is that we went from adding 10 or 12 points to adding zero and a weekend in which we were doing well. We had even made the selection of the tires for the first time with two games in Q3 and it has never happened to us, thinking more about Saturday than Sunday and we have this, ”the two-time champion declared very angry.

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