It’ll Take You Into Deep Water: Ciryl Win’s Terrible Threat to Derrick Lewis

Ciryl Gane.

Ciryl Gane Y Derrick Lewis they will face each other in the UFC 265, being a more than spectacular battle for what is at stake. Dana White decided not to hold that fight at Heavyweights, which will now leave another interim title at the company. Being that way, in the last hours, the Frenchman spoke with MMA Fighting and expressed what he thinks about this crossing, in addition to looking to the future.

At the beginning, I win He commented: “Before the fight we knew. The UFC He texted my trainer Fernand Lopez and said, ‘Man, do your job tonight and after this fight, you’ll have good news.’ When we got to France on Monday, we got a message from the UFC about that August fight. We knew it, but if you don’t have the contract, it’s not official, but when we found out, I was very focused against Volkov.

Two titles at stake: the huge fights confirmed for UFC 265

“That’s because we had to win that fight to have a chance to fight for the title. So I was really focused and we did it. It was amazing, I was really happy. It means something to me. I am a young guy.I just got here and I am in the headline after only three years in MMA. I was a bit surprised because we thought it would be Francis against Derrick Lewis, but Francis was not free for the fight in August, so they chose me “, highlighted the Parisian.

Want the title

For its part, Ciryl She stated, “I can understand where Francis is coming from, but I don’t feel bad for him. It’s just an interim title, so the champion is still Francis. I really don’t feel bad for Francis. If I were Francis, this would be nothing to me. This guy is very dangerous, we know that. And that is very dangerous, but I think we are going to handle that style, we will play it and he will never touch me. I think I have the skills to do that.

Yes, I was impressed because some people say that he does not have a fighting IQ, that he does not have some skills. But he knows what he has and can use it very well. I think this guy is really dangerous. But I think we will push him like we did with Volkov. We will make it so that it is in deep water, I will give it a lot of pressure. Just for the story, I would rather fight Francis Ngannou in Paris, mainly because of the fans, “he closed Ciryl Gane.

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