Positive or not? USADA explained the sanction they applied to Rob Font for prohibited substances

Rob Font.

Rob font was harshly criticized for a controversial positive of prohibited substances, which complicated it with the USED. Therefore, after things are somewhat clarified, the one who wrote a statement to explain it better was his manager, Tyson chartier. This Friday, the aforementioned left an extensive message to publicize what really happened with his fighter, who clearly was involved in a case of “false positive.”

At the beginning, Chartier dictated: «Rob has never used prohibited substances and USED He has already acquitted him of any crime. However, the Nevada Athletic Commission is still examining the facts. We recently learned that in January, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) presented a ‘technical letter’ advising all accredited laboratories to begin reporting excess cases of the stimulant meclofenoxate. “

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«We have learned that the case of Rob, and another in the Olympic world, were the first two positive cases of meclofenoxate reported under this new ‘technical letter’ guide. Rob’s sample was reported to contain more than 1900 ng / ml of 4-CPA, but no trace amounts of meclofenoxate. We knew immediately that Rob had done nothing wrong. Rob is professional and very detailed in all aspects of his preparation, ”he said.

False positive

What’s more, Tyson He said: “That professionalism and attention to detail saved Rob in this case. We were quickly able to provide UFC Y USED everything Rob consumed before the fight. Certified and tested foods, supplements, even skin and hair products were provided to search for answers. All backed up with purchase receipts. The Font team provided a 35-page document, including photos of what they consumed and used.

«We also learned that UFC / USED He checked all the other samples from the wrestlers who participated in the May 22 card, and that they ALL had some traces of 4-CPA in their urine. About a week later, the UFC informed us that USADA had analyzed the effects on urinary excretion of 4-CPA, after the single use of sunscreen containing chlorphenesin, “he concluded. Tyson chartier.

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