Sebastian Vettel’s new “hotel for bees” with a tribute to Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian vettel He is one of the most beloved pilots of the last years of the Formula 1. With the passing of the seasons, the German began to be seen in a different way. With his constant victories with the team Red bull, it was something resisted by the fans. However, the last few seasons added a large number of fans. In the last hours, the German was the protagonist of a quite particular contest: a “Hotel for Bees”.

A few weeks ago it became known that Sebastian Vettel signed a contract with a company dedicated to the care of bees. This brand is responsible for protecting different insects, but particularly bees. In addition, he is a sponsor of the tennis player Dominic Thiem, so it is no stranger to the world of sports.

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The idea of ​​the contest was that some children send him drawings in the shape of cars. The best drawing was to be selected by the pilot himself to build together with the children, a kind of ‘Hotel’ to shelter insects. The pilot himself recounted in the official press conference of the Austrian Grand Prix what the contest was about.

The German shared a video on Youtube where you can see how he works with the children to build the car where the bees will have their place. “This morning was very exciting because I was out there, in the field, near the circuit and we installed an unconventional car because basically it is a hotel for insects and bees and I had a group of children with me to build it as well,” commented ‘Seb’

“The idea of ​​this is to create a little more space for insects, especially for bees. More space for them to develop and live is in the middle of the field. We sow many seeds and hopefully many flowers will grow in the future and many bees will join this new home. It will be free, so maybe we should have put up a sign, but it was fun, “he said.

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