South Africa defeated Los Pumitas and became champion of the M20 International Series

South Africa defeated Los Pumitas and became champion of the M20 International Series

South Africa beat Los Pumitas 27-9 in the final of the M20 International Series that was contested in the land of the world champions. The The game was played at the legendary Newlands Stadium in Cape Town. and the winners were precise in the first stage, when the Argentines had the balance balanced, but in the complement they brought out all their power to make a difference and stay with the title.

The first half had a first 20 ‘with the Argentines well planted on the playing field and with some forwards that came out ready to fight. It was they who began to tilt the court in favor and the small details prevented him from reaching the ingoal. However, two penalties from Ramiro Waisberg They gave him the points not to come back from 22 meters empty-handed.

South Africa held out well and was effective, because the first time he approached the ingoal he took 3 points with the foot of Sacha Mngomezulu and after 20 ‘, when he began to exercise dominance, he was dispatched with the first try of the match, via Henco van Wyx, after several minutes of insisting on the last meters.

They were minutes of anxiety but Los Pumitas, with the defense as a flag, came afloat with a Ramiro Waisberg penalty, however, in a local attack wing Ethan James put him a precise rake to Bobby Alexander who arrived next to the ball to the ingoal. The partial 13-9 it left Los Pumitas with a bittersweet taste because of what was done in the first half. He lacked fine-tuning in the last meters, when he was able to exercise dominance, to score some more points.

In the complement the nerves did their thing on both teams and inaccuracies were the order of the day. South Africa was the one to break the monotony with a line and subsequent maul, something that he handled very well throughout the game, and the hooker Andre-Hugo Venter took it upon himself to score the try. The Pumitas were rarely able to step on the 22m rivals, but despite everything, they never lowered their armsThey always tried and did not give up. That is why South Africa had to work hard to win.

On the last play they again brought out their best repertoire and again with a line and maul, Andre-Hugo Venter scored his second try in the epilogue to seal the final result that Sacha Mngomezulu decorated with conversion. South Africa won well and Los Pumitas had the personality to maintain a game that slowly eluded them.


THE PUMITAS (9): 1- Nicolás Toth, 2- Ignacio Ruíz, 3- Javier Coronel; 4- Pedro Rubiolo, 5- Lucio Anconetani; 6. Joaquín Moro, 7- Jerónimo Gómez Vara (c), 8- Joaquín Oviedo; 9- Mateo Albanese, 10- Ramiro Waisberg; 11- Iñaki Delguy, 12- Juan Cruz Corso Rodríguez, 13- Justo Piccardo, 14- Francisco Pisani Caride; 15- Santiago Vera Feld.

Changes: ST: 18´ Bautista Bernasconi by Ignacio Ruiz, Joaquín Blangetti by Javier Coronel and Francisco Diez by Juan Corso Rodríguez, 28´ Mateo Núñez Miserez by Nicolas Toth and Bautista Grenon by Jerónimo Gómez Vara, 29´ Facundo Villalba by Mateo Albanese,

SOUTH AFRICA M20 (27): 15- Quan Horn; 14- Dalvon Blood, 13- Henco van Wyk, 12- Tyler Bocks, 11- Ethan James; 10- Sacha Mngomezulu, 9- Bobby Alexander; 8- George Cronje (c), 7- Siya Ningiza 6- Jacques Goosen; 5- Simon Miller, 4- Reinhardt Ludwig; 3- Corné Weilbach 2. Andre-Hugo Venter 1. Jan-Hendrik Wessels

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 8´ Penalty by Ramiro Waisberg (P), 15´ Penalty by Sacha Mngomezulu (S), 18´ Penalty by Ramiro Waisberg (P), 24´ Try by Henco van Wyx (S), 33´ Penalty by Ramiro Waisberg (P) , 36 try by Bobby Alexander (S).

Partial result: South Africa M20 13-9 Argentina M20

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 26 and 40´ Tries by Andre-Hugo Venter converted by Sacha Mngomezulu (S).

ADMONISHED: PT: 33´ Henco van Wyx.

BASKETBALL COURT: Newlands, in Cape Town (South Africa).

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