The most dangerous of his career: Michael Chiesa already thinks about his next UFC war

Michael Chiesa.

In the UFC 265, Michael chiesa He returns to the most important cage in the world, but with a more than powerful rival. The aforementioned and renowned MMA fighter will face Vicente Luque, who comes really impressive in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. Without a doubt, the most difficult battle in their careers, considering what the two can deliver in the Octagon.

Chiesa spoke to Michael Bisping on the “Believe You Me” podcast, where he said, “I think Vicente Luque He is without a doubt the most dangerous guy I have ever been faced with today. He has won nine of his last 10 with eight finals. He waves these performance bonuses all the time, really dangerous. He has good power in his hands. You don’t see him make many mistakes.

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Basics win fights, and he’s very good at steak and potatoes when it comes to standing. He has very, very good defense, and he has an amazing ability to make guys feel comfortable, he’s so disciplined with his defense. When he starts to drop his hands, the guy has devastating power and has submissions in his arsenal. So I think this is the most dangerous guy I have faced so far, “he said.

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Continuing on the same line, Michael he also dictated: “I can’t make a single tactical mistake in this fight if I want to win. I have to be on point. I can’t make a mistake because this is a guy, when you watch a movie about him, the guys will have big fights against him until they make a little mistake, and that changes the whole momentum of the fight. It’s from a good camp.

He’s a very tough guy. I think the world of him. He’s a good competitor, he’s a family man, and he’s dangerous as shit, but I’m very excited about the opportunity. I feel like guys who pose these kinds of threats when it comes to danger and harm, I feel like that brings out the best in me because my senses are so much higher. He is undefeated in his last 10 fights. Whoever wins between Luque and me should be next, “he said. Michael chiesa.

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