Unprofessional: Joe Schilling got fired for knocking out another man in a bar

Joe Schilling.

Joe schilling, expeller of Bellator, knocked out another man in a bar and was ripped apart by social criticism. Although they filed charges only for simple assault, after what was the viral altercation with a subject in a Florida bar, this would complicate their things. At the age of 37, he was captured in images while fiercely beating a man, for which he was clearly liquidated on social networks. In addition, journalists also feel that way.

So, Bas Rutten, a commentator on CBS Sports’ debut of Karate Combat, pointed out to MMA Fighting: “At first you go, was the guy really provoking it? But the messages that Schilling supposedly received from his ex-wife, apparently, he was a violent guy. It seemed, yeah, why would I hit him? But apparently, he was saying really bad things, and he had done it in the past with his ladies.

Strong images! MMA star knocks out man in bar and is all the rage

So I guess he deserved it. For me, I don’t, not against a civilian. In that situation, he wouldn’t have. I am happy that it became known that he used to hit his exes, because I personally would not have done it. With me, they’re going to have to throw the first punch. Otherwise, I don’t do anything. And most of the time, when I see that they are drunk, I am not even going to fight, “he added.

To close, Rutten He stated, ‘I could, if I really strangled him. Just strangle him, put him on his side, call the police. But listen, I’ve been drunk a lot in my life too. I don’t like being the person – this guy knew what he was doing, obviously what he was doing. But if someone is really drunk, why would they hit them in the face? The next day he wakes up and does not remember what happened. Yes, I don’t like that.

Schilling’s explanation

“The guy on the buses, who turns out to be black, walks by and this idiot bumps into him and yells: ‘I already broke n # gas. We clearly don’t get along. ‘ The boy on the bus is seriously offended but doesn’t want to lose his job. So I wonder what happens to this idiot. The man yells, ‘HEY’, I turn around and he makes fun of me… bad decisions are made every day, “he said. Joe schilling.

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