Video: Fernando Alonso broke out in a fight against Sebastian Vettel at the Austrian GP: «I can’t believe it»

Fernando Alonso

In the second part of this Saturday’s classification, Fernando Alonso he was staying out of the cut. The Asturian prepared to leave the pits to qualify for the third session, but ran into Sebastian vettel, that with a bad movement of his Aston martin, impaired his return and left him out of Q3 of the Austrian GP: “I can not believe it

The Asturian reached the last corner of the Red bull ring from Austria and was notably improving his times in Q2. A session before, he had finished third and was getting all his fans excited. However, Vettel hurt his lap after he accelerated quickly in order to reach a new lap.

Impressive pole position for Max Verstappen at the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix

When Vettel accelerated, the car moved very dangerously and caused Alonso to brake abruptly to avoid hitting him. Thanks to this, Alonso was left out of the classification and erupted in anger. He quickly caught up with Vettel and threw all kinds of gestures at his rival, who only managed to apologize to the Asturian for what had happened.

On the radio, Alonso burned: “What the hell! I can not believe it”. It’s the first time Alonso has been seen so frustrated and angry against an opponent in a long time. However, the Spaniard was absolutely right: Vettel’s maneuver was reckless, although it does not seem to be with intention. The commissioners have already taken action on the matter.

After the classification, both Alonso and Vettel were summoned to testify. It is almost certain that the German will be sanctioned, so the seventh position he achieved in the qualifying round is provisional. “On the bright side, the car was mega today and the top 5 was realistic. I’m happy with that. Luck was not with us today, let’s see if that changes soon, “the Asturian posted on his Twitter account.

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