What really happened? The controversy continues over Rob Font’s positive in doping

Rob Font.

After the suspension of the USED to Rob font For testing positive for illicit substances, his team went out to the crossing. Your manager, Tyson chartier, was the first to appear with an extensive statement on social networks. Jeff Novitzky, current Senior Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance UFC, also spoke with MMA Fighting and gave his opinion. Therefore, the fighter is very well accompanied in this process.

Being so, Novitzky He stated: ‘This is a true’ false positive ‘case. And the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the World Anti-Doping Agency. Your scientists submitted guidelines to your accredited labs that were completely wrong. We definitely know that the use of a permitted substance, chlorphenesin ».

Positive or not? USADA explained the sanction they applied to Rob Font for prohibited substances

“This is commonly found in cosmetics, it can result in 4-CPA levels well above 1000 ng / ml. I am very happy that the USED have been able to solve the case of Rob quickly, but I am very disappointed that WADA has let clean athletes down from their carelessness by instituting flawed scientific guidelines, which to this day have yet to be overturned. WADA must act immediately, “he added.

A frustrating moment

On the other hand, Tyson chartier He commented: “NAC has all the above facts in this case, but has decided to temporarily suspend Rob for further investigation. As we have done throughout this process, we will cooperate in every way, shape and form with them. Our expectation is that once the testing methodology is submitted Rob will be approved by NSAC and his suspension lifted. “

“We are frustrated and saddened by this process, we remain determined that it will soon be over. Do yourself a favor and keep records of food, supplies, and food receipts. Never use the bottle full of hygiene product supplements, keep a small amount on hand until your test says clean. Take photos of labels and ingredients just in case. If we hadn’t done all of these things, I don’t think we would have been able to clear the name of Rob«, He sentenced Chartier.

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