Are you leaving Mercedes? Valtteri Bottas is already looking for a team for the 2022 season

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas already talks about the possibility of leaving Mercedes, especially after the spectacular pace shown by his main competitor in the fight for the position: George Russell. The Finnish rider is on the tightrope and his results compared to those of Lewis hamilton they are quite poor. The German team wants a driver to defend the seven-time champion, something Bottas was unable to achieve.

This weekend, Bottas showed that he was up to the challenge presented by the team itself: fighting Lewis Hamilton. For most of the race, Bottas rolled much faster than Hamilton, overtaking him at the end of the race. Austrian Grand Prix. This gives Bottas some hope, but does not ensure his future with the team.

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George Russell’s good performance this weekend was something of a ‘Message’ for Mercedes, who already has him in her sights. The Briton already beat Bottas last year and may take away his place at Mercedes. “If in the end I do not continue, naturally I will study other options. I want to know what the team’s plan is and see which driver they want for the other car, ”said Bottas.

Hamilton already has his place in the team and this is a big pressure for Bottas. “Lewis is already confirmed, but the other car is still free. The team has a decision to make and I need to have that conversation. I feel like I still have many years here. I like racing and I love Formula 1, so I haven’t had enough yet so that in the next few years I will go to other disciplines ”.

New team?

Finally, the Finn assured that he hopes that Toto wolff and the teams that have a space for them to sit down and talk with him. “I have realized that the summer break is between here a couple of races. I’m sure we’ll talk soon. I have some good representatives. They haven’t told me anything yet. I do not know if they have already spoken with someone, because they are aware that the important thing for me at the moment is to be focused and do the best I can, “he said.

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