Checo Pérez about to renew with Red Bull: «It will be direct»

Sergio Pérez

Multi-driver contracts come to an end when the 2021 season of the Formula 1 I finished. That is why negotiations between teams and competitors have already started in several cases. On Red bull they are quite clear that this year will be a tough battle with Mercedes, which thanks to Max verstappen Y Czech Pérez they are winning: “Will be direct”.

The Dutch driver, who is currently leading the World Cup, has a contract for several more years with Red Bull. However, the Mexican pilot has yet to negotiate his renewal with Helmut Marko, advisor to Red Bull and its chief executive officer, Christian horner. The latter was in charge of giving hope to the native of Guadalajara, who is fulfilling his role as squire.

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“We are very happy with the work that ‘Checo’ is doing, so we will sit down to talk with him in due course. Obviously there are some races to go through between now and the summer break but we are happy with the points he has been getting and the work he is doing, ”Horner told

The Mexican driver has already scored a victory in his first season with the Austrian team. This left the Red Bull leaders very happy who will seek to give Checo another year, despite the fact that the three races in a row this year did not allow to speak. “We see each other all the time. I don’t think they will be long conversations, it will be quite direct. At the right time we are going to have that talk, ”he commented.


So far this year, Checo Pérez is marking his best season. In eight races, Pérez obtained two podiums, with a victory included in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. In addition, he is currently in third position in the championship, with 96 points. The great goal of the Mexican is to stay in the top three until the end of the year.

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