Fernando Alonso is still furious about the controversy and now he pointed out against the FIA: “It’s sad”

Fernando Alonso

Few times was Fernando Alonso as angry as in qualifying this Saturday. The Asturian had to squeeze his brakes to the maximum in the last corner of the circuit of Austria after bumping into Sebastian vettel, which was rolling at a low speed. However, the two-time champion aimed against the FIA due to the few sanctions that apply: “It’s sad”.

What happened this Saturday was reckless on the part of several pilots. In the first instance by Valtteri Bottas, which slowed down all the pilots behind: Czech Pérez and Sebastian Vettel. However, the FIA ​​decided not to sanction the Finnish driver from Mercedes. This caused great frustration on the part of Alonso and the fans.

The video of the controversy in Formula 1: Why was only Sebastian Vettel sanctioned?

“Either we put bigger mirrors on cars for people or I think we need someone to help us from the outside. The only one that can help us from outside is the FIA ​​because teams have to deal with many things. We need help from the FIA ​​”, declared Alonso to the Spanish media SoyMotor.com.

In addition, he pointed out against his colleagues for not respecting those who come behind, something that has happened quite often. “In the top category of motorsport you can’t see ten cars in Turns 9 or 10 waiting to start the lap, that has to be managed a little better. These penalties are a consequence of being soft on penalties. Yesterday I couldn’t do any laps and nothing happened. It’s sad”.

End of controversy

On the other hand and to end the controversy, the Spanish removed responsibility from the pilot of Aston martin, again. “I don’t think Seb is to blame because when we drive we completely trust our engineers and radios. He had a car a second in front of him, he couldn’t do anything, he couldn’t disappear. Things are like this. The way in which people go through these curves is one of the main issues of the weekend, “he said.

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