Near to death! UFC hitter involved in terrible accident


A few hours ago, MMA suffered a terrible scare, after a fighter of UFC will crash in the streets. It is about the two-time challenger to the title, John dodson, the one that will have to wait to return to the octagon. Ricky Kottenstette, the fighter’s agent, shared on social media that he and his family were involved in a shocking car crash on Friday night. However, they were released from the hospital on Saturday morning.

The statement begins by saying: “We have started this to fund myself to help John dodson and his family. The Dodsons were heading to Texas on vacation to visit family when they were involved in a near-death accident with the entire family in the vehicle. They were all discharged from the hospital this morning, but they will have a difficult month of recovery and financial difficulties ahead of them.

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«They have totaled their family vehicle and, unfortunately, John He will no longer be able to fight in his next match on July 30. We are requesting assistance to help them with their medical bills, financial assistance for being out of work and traveling back to New Mexico. Let’s show these guys some love. Just so that everyone knows that we are all alive and that no one is seriously injured, “they also added.

Complicated moment for Dodson

In addition, they reported that: “The car we crashed was left in the middle of the road after that person hit an 18 wheel and another car hit her as well. He had no light hazzards, flares and no other warnings to inform us. I hit the car and we rolled. I don’t know how many times, but luckily the cables in the median prevented us from rolling into traffic going in the other direction. The guy fled on foot after seeing my vehicle roll.

“I have to thank Infinite for the design of the SUV because it protected my family and me from dying. We are lucky that no one died and we can live to see another day and remember how lucky we are. Life is short and you don’t know when it will end, so enjoy it while you can. If you want to help us, there is a gofundme account that one of my friends has created to help us as I am out of my fight on July 30th. Thank you all for watching us and we are lucky, “concludes the statement.

John Dodson accident. (Photo: Instagram / Ricky Kottenstette).

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