Official! Sebastian Vettel was sanctioned for his controversy with Fernando Alonso

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Sebastian Vettel

This weekend there was one of the biggest controversies of the last years of the Formula 1. Fernando Alonso he had been very fast in the second qualifying round, where he was looking to get into the third qualifying round. However, he ran into Sebastian Vettel it was rolling too slow. This caused tremendous anger for the Asturian, while the German was severely punished.

The pilot of Aston martin finished in the eighth position of the final classification of the race. However, the sports commissioners acted after the session and decided to delay Sebastian Vettel to 11th position. The pilot had no intention of delaying Alonso, as he stopped and the team did not warn. So much so that they told him that no one was coming from behind.

Video: Fernando Alonso broke out in a fight against Sebastian Vettel at the Austrian GP: «I can’t believe it»

On the other hand, while the Asturian did not stop insulting Vettel, he apologized to him. On the radio he reproached the team for not being told that Alonso was behind. With the sanction of three posts, both George Russell, What Lance Stroll Y Carlos Sainz they gained a starting position. Russell will start 8th, Stroll 9th ​​and Sainz 10th.


“It’s going to be a race to forget because of a corner, it’s very frustrating. It was an unfortunate situation with Vettel, which his team should have handled better. It is not Seb’s fault because as pilots, we trust our engineers to communicate the things that happen on the track ”, Alonso assured the microphones of the Spanish channel DAZN.

Although he expected a harsh penalty for Vettel, Alonso was very frustrated by what happened in the last corner. “Does not matter. It is that we went from adding 10 or 12 points to adding zero and a weekend in which we were doing well. We had even made the selection of the tires for the first time with two games in Q3 and it has never happened to us, thinking more about Saturday than Sunday and we have this “

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