The answer came: Conor McGregor ridiculed Dustin Poirier on Instagram

Conor McGregor.

After Dustin Poirier leave a powerful message, Conor mcgregor went out to the intersection in the nets. In a series of questions and answers on Instagram Live, the former Irish champion took a moment to put aside the illusion of the North American. For this reason, he assured that he will knock him out and that he will end the little dream of the «Diamond». This, after the intimidation of the American.

Starting with his words, Mcgregor He said, ‘I’m going to kick him right in the head. There will be a lot of weapons produced at night, that’s for sure. Do you want mixed martial arts? He is going to get it. I’ve been busy working. Total focus, completely immersed in mixed martial arts. It was just mixed martial arts, so I’m ready to put on a show. “

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You can go to YouTube and see all the interviews in the book. I have a job to do here. I am back on the site. This is how I feel here with this. Directly at the construction site. Talk a bit lately. He’s going to pay for that, that’s for sure. That will not be pleasant, “he closed Conor mcgregor, the one who clearly needs to knock out Dustin Poirier to put his name on top.

Poirier’s words

Before ESPN, Dustin He indicated: «The good thing about this one is that if he goes crazy again Conor, I don’t give a damn. I don’t really care and in the last one too, if he had been crazy, I would have been fine. Mentally, I am no longer a child. I am a grown man and I know what matters and I know what I can control. I just don’t punish myself mentally like I used to with critics. I think Conor will be crazy again. I am pretty sure”.

“Isn’t he the one who always preaches about fluency, complete martial arts, no restrictions, no rules, the ultimate fight, when he talks about boxing and stuff, right? What if the first to get shot down is a dusty bitch? They are mixed martial arts. Put it all together. It smells of insecurity to me, “he said. Dustin Poirier. Without a doubt, the previous one is red hot.

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