The video of the controversy in Formula 1: Why was only Sebastian Vettel sanctioned?

Sebastian Vettel

After the qualifying round of the Austrian Grand Prix of the Formula 1 of this saturday, Sebastian vettel was sanctioned with three places in the start this Sunday. However, the German was the least of the culprits in the maneuver with Fernando Alonso. So much Valtteri Bottas, like Carlos Sainz, they were the protagonists of an unusual ‘train’ that stopped the German’s march.

In the last hours, a video was released that reveals the dangerous driving of Valtteri Bottas when accelerating in the last part of the circuit. Bottas’s car was behind George Russell, that he had already left the space for those behind to begin their return. However, the unusual arrest of Bottas made so much Czech Pérez like Sebastian Vettel they were also slow.

Fernando Alonso calmed the waters and took responsibility away from Sebastian Vettel: “It was not his fault”

When Vettel slows down, Alonso was driving through the beginning of the second sector. That is to say that when the German began to prepare his last lap, the Asturian had half a circuit to go. However, it should be noted Vettel was not the culprit of the whole situation, which could have ended very badly had it not been for the Asturian’s reflexes and because Vettel accelerated at the end.


The first of them was Bottas: Finn slowed unnecessarily at the last corner. These attitudes are severely penalized by the regulation and the only one who was sanctioned was Vettel. The Mercedes came out unscathed from a penalty, which could have cost him the second row. The second of these culprits is the Aston Martin team.

When Vettel sees Alonso pass, the German apologizes immediately, exposing his intentionality. Vettel did not know that Alonso was behind, and he reproached his engineer: “Why didn’t you tell me that Alonso was behind?” Unusually, the Vettel engineer defends himself against this and tells Vettel that he had told him, something that clearly did not happen.

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